NUTRI PET Dry Puppy Food 2 KG (Iranian Food)

Weight 2kg
Fat 10%
Lifestage ( Best For) Puppy
Protein 29%


Features & Compatibility

NUTRI PET Dry Puppy Food 2 KG

Specially Formulated for Growing Puppies

NUTRI PET Dry Puppy Food 2 KG is crafted in Iran to provide your puppy with the balanced nutrition they need for healthy development. Each serving is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that are crucial for your puppy’s growth phase.

Supports Healthy Development

Our unique formula is designed to support the overall well-being of your puppy. The high-quality ingredients ensure that your puppy receives all the necessary nutrients to build a strong immune system, support cognitive development, and maintain high energy levels.

Strong Bones and Shiny Coat

NUTRI PET Dry Puppy Food contains a blend of calcium and phosphorus to promote strong bone growth, ensuring your puppy develops a robust skeletal structure. Additionally, the inclusion of omega fatty acids helps in maintaining a shiny and healthy coat, making your puppy look and feel their best.

Delicious Taste

Picky eaters will love the delicious taste of NUTRI PET Dry Puppy Food. The carefully selected ingredients not only provide nutritional benefits but also ensure a palatable and enjoyable meal for your puppy.

Give Your Puppy the Best Start

Choosing NUTRI PET Dry Puppy Food means you are giving your puppy a head start towards a healthy and happy life. Trust in our commitment to quality and nutrition, and see the difference in your puppy’s vitality and growth.

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