NUTRI PET Dry Adult Dog Food 15 KG (Iranian Food)

Weight 15kg
Brand Fidar
Fat 9%
Lifestage ( Best For) Adult
Protein 21%


Features & Compatibility

Product Description

NUTRI PET Dry Adult Dog Food, 15 KG, offers a balanced and nutritious meal tailored for adult dogs. Made in Iran, this premium food ensures optimal health, energy, and vitality, using high-quality ingredients to support digestion, immunity, and overall well-being. Ideal for maintaining your pet’s health and happiness.

Balanced Nutrition for Optimal Health

NUTRI PET Dry Adult Dog Food provides a carefully crafted blend of nutrients to ensure your dog receives the essential vitamins and minerals they need. Each ingredient is selected for its high quality and nutritional benefits, promoting a healthy lifestyle for your furry friend.

High-Quality Ingredients

Our formula includes premium proteins, whole grains, and a mix of fruits and vegetables. These ingredients not only enhance the flavor but also contribute to your dog’s muscle development, energy levels, and overall vitality. The use of top-grade Iranian ingredients guarantees a wholesome and natural diet.

Supports Digestion and Immunity

NUTRI PET Dry Adult Dog Food is designed to support your dog’s digestive health with easily digestible ingredients and added fiber. This helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system, reducing the risk of common digestive issues. Additionally, the food is enriched with antioxidants and vitamins that strengthen your dog’s immune system, helping them fight off illnesses and stay active.

Promotes Overall Well-Being

Regular consumption of NUTRI PET Dry Adult Dog Food ensures that your dog remains happy and healthy. The balanced formula aids in maintaining a shiny coat, strong bones, and healthy teeth. With the right mix of nutrients, your dog will enjoy an improved quality of life, full of energy and vitality.

Ideal for Adult Dogs

Specially formulated for adult dogs, this 15 KG pack of NUTRI PET Dry Adult Dog Food is perfect for maintaining your pet’s health and happiness. The food meets the dietary needs of adult dogs, ensuring they receive balanced nutrition every day.

Choose NUTRI PET Dry Adult Dog Food for a premium, nutritious, and delicious meal that your dog will love. Made with care in Iran, it’s the ideal choice for your beloved pet’s daily diet.

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