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Trixie Colour Shampoo

Trixie Colour Shampoo intensifies and rejuvenates coat color, specifically formulated for white and light-colored fur. Enriched with extra replenishing ingredients, it ensures a vibrant, radiant finish while nourishing and protecting your pet’s coat for a healthy, gleaming appearance.

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Features & Compatibility

Trixie Colour Shampoo

Enhance and Intensify Coat Color

Trixie Colour Shampoo is specially formulated to enhance and intensify the natural color of your pet’s coat. Whether your pet has a pristine white coat or light-colored fur, this shampoo brings out the best in their natural hues.

Specially Formulated for White and Light-Colored Coats

Designed with a unique blend of ingredients, Trixie Colour Shampoo caters specifically to the needs of white and light-colored coats. It works to highlight and brighten these shades, giving your pet a radiant and eye-catching appearance.

Provides Extra Replenishment

Not only does Trixie Colour Shampoo enhance color, but it also provides essential replenishment to your pet’s fur. The nourishing formula helps to maintain a healthy, vibrant, and shiny coat, ensuring your pet looks their best.

Vibrant, Healthy, and Shiny Fur

Regular use of Trixie Colour Shampoo leaves your pet’s fur looking vibrant and feeling soft to the touch. The special formulation promotes overall coat health, keeping it shiny and lustrous.

Perfect for Maintaining a Bright, Clean Appearance

Trixie Colour Shampoo is the ideal choice for pet owners who want to maintain a bright and clean appearance for their furry friends. Its powerful yet gentle formula ensures that your pet’s coat stays looking fresh and beautiful.

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