Puppy Training Pads (10 Sheets)

Introducing Petsentials Puppy Training Pads: your ultimate tool for hassle-free toilet training. With a sturdy absorbent core and leak-proof design, accidents are contained, making training easier for you and your pet. Infused with lavender to attract your puppy and equipped with adhesive tapes for secure placement, simplify training and celebrate successes effortlessly.


Features & Compatibility

Introducing Petsentials Puppy Training Pads

Hassle-Free Toilet Training Made Easy

Are you tired of cleaning up after your puppy’s accidents? Say goodbye to the mess and frustration with Petsentials Puppy Training Pads. Our innovative design ensures a hassle-free toilet training experience for both you and your furry friend.


Sturdy Absorbent Core:
Our training pads feature a sturdy absorbent core that quickly locks in moisture, keeping your floors clean and dry.

Leak-Proof Design:
Accidents happen, but with our leak-proof design, you can rest assured that any messes will be contained, saving you time and effort in cleanup.

Infused with Lavender:
Attract your puppy to the training pad with the calming scent of lavender. This natural attractant encourages your pet to use the pad, speeding up the training process.

Secure Placement:
No more shifting or sliding around! Our training pads come equipped with adhesive tapes to ensure they stay securely in place, even during the most energetic training sessions.

Celebrate Successes Effortlessly:
With Petsentials Puppy Training Pads, celebrating your puppy’s successes has never been easier. Simply dispose of the used pad and replace it with a fresh one, ready for the next training session.

Say goodbye to the stress and mess of toilet training and hello to a cleaner, happier home with Petsentials Puppy Training Pads.

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