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Large Enclosed Pan with White Door (Design M)
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Large Cat Litter Box (Design J)

Introducing the Large Cat Litter Box (Design J): Tailored to your feline’s preferences, this versatile litter solution offers three customizable options. Use it as a spacious open pan for unrestricted use, or snap on the cover equipped with a handle and charcoal filter for odor control. The innovative design even allows for a partially open configuration, balancing cat comfort and guardian convenience seamlessly.

Original price was: ₨ 7,300.Current price is: ₨ 5,990.

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Features & Compatibility

Introducing the Large Cat Litter Box (Design J)

Offering Versatility and Convenience

The Large Cat Litter Box (Design J) presents a comprehensive solution to feline toileting needs, prioritizing both comfort for the cat and convenience for the guardian. This innovative product boasts a spacious pan measuring 25.25 by 18.75 inches, ensuring ample room for cats of varying sizes to comfortably conduct their toileting activities.

Spacious Design

The generous dimensions of the litter box provide cats with an expansive area, reducing the likelihood of discomfort or reluctance to use the box. This spaciousness is particularly beneficial for multi-cat households or larger feline companions, accommodating their needs effectively.

Versatile Configuration Options

One of the distinguishing features of the Large Cat Litter Box (Design J) is its adaptability to different preferences and situations. Users have the flexibility to utilize the litter box as an open base, offering unrestricted access for their feline companions. Alternatively, by seamlessly attaching the provided cover equipped with a convenient handle and odor-absorbing filter, guardians can effectively mitigate unpleasant odors while maintaining ease of access for cleaning purposes.

Innovative Hybrid Solution

Moreover, the hybrid functionality of this design sets it apart from conventional litter boxes. By simply flipping the cover, users can seamlessly transition to a hybrid configuration, combining the benefits of both open and covered designs. This innovative approach ensures optimal odor control without sacrificing space or compromising the comfort of the cat.


In summary, the Large Cat Litter Box (Design J) represents a pinnacle of innovation and practicality in the realm of feline care products. Its spacious design, versatile configuration options, and innovative hybrid solution cater to the diverse needs of both cats and their guardians, making it an indispensable addition to any household seeking to prioritize feline comfort and hygiene.

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