Johnsons Cleansing Wipes For Cats And Dogs

Introducing Johnson’s Cleansing Wipes for Cats and Dogs, your go-to solution for quick and easy pet cleanup. These gentle wipes, weighing just 0.5 kg, are specially designed by the trusted Johnson brand to keep your furry friends clean and fresh. Perfect for daily grooming, travel, or on-the-go messes.

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Features & Compatibility

Introducing Johnson’s Cleansing Wipes for Cats and Dogs

Your furry friends deserve gentle care. Each wipe is infused with a mild formula to cleanse and refresh their coats, leaving them feeling clean and comfortable.

Convenient On-the-Go Grooming

With a weight of 0.5 kg, these convenient wipes by Johnson ensure easy grooming on-the-go for a happy, healthy pet. Whether you’re out for a walk, traveling, or simply want to freshen up your pet’s coat at home, these cleansing wipes are the perfect solution.

Gentle Formula

Johnson’s Cleansing Wipes are specially formulated to be gentle on your pet’s skin and coat. They are free from harsh chemicals and are suitable for both cats and dogs of all breeds and ages. Each wipe is pH-balanced to maintain the natural balance of your pet’s skin, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleaning experience.

Versatile Use

These cleansing wipes are not just for cleaning your pet’s coat. They can also be used to gently wipe away dirt and debris from paws, ears, and other sensitive areas. Plus, their mild formula makes them suitable for use around your pet’s face, including cleaning around the eyes and mouth.

Refreshing Scent

Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with Johnson’s Cleansing Wipes. Each wipe leaves behind a refreshing scent that will keep your pet smelling clean and fresh between baths.

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