Fragrant Aromatherapy Shampoo for Puppies (500ML)

Introducing our Fragrant Aromatherapy Shampoo for Puppies (500ML): specially crafted for sensitive pups, this tearless, pH-balanced formula cleanses gently while promoting healthy fur growth. With its captivating scent and charming bottle design, it ensures a delightful grooming experience, leaving your puppy fresh and irresistible. Perfect for a joyful bathing routine!


Features & Compatibility

Introducing Our Fragrant Aromatherapy Shampoo for Puppies (500ML)

Specially crafted for sensitive pups, our Fragrant Aromatherapy Shampoo provides a gentle and effective cleanse that ensures your puppy’s fur remains soft, shiny, and healthy.

Tearless and pH-Balanced Formula

Designed with your puppy’s delicate needs in mind, our shampoo is tearless and pH-balanced, making it safe for regular use. It gently cleanses without causing irritation, allowing for a stress-free bathing experience.

Promotes Healthy Fur Growth

Our unique formula not only cleanses but also promotes healthy fur growth. Enriched with essential nutrients, it helps maintain the natural oils of your puppy’s coat, ensuring it stays glossy and strong.

Captivating Scent

Infused with a delightful fragrance, our shampoo leaves your puppy smelling fresh and irresistible. The soothing aroma not only makes bath time enjoyable for your puppy but also for you, creating a serene and calming atmosphere.

Charming Bottle Design

The appealing design of our 500ML bottle adds a touch of charm to your grooming routine. Its easy-to-use design ensures a hassle-free bath time, making it perfect for both you and your puppy.

Perfect for a Joyful Bathing Routine

Turn bath time into a joyous occasion with our Fragrant Aromatherapy Shampoo. The gentle, effective formula combined with its captivating scent makes it an essential addition to your puppy’s grooming kit. Enjoy a delightful bathing experience that leaves your puppy clean, fresh, and irresistibly adorable.

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