Dry Milk For Puppies & Kitten / Milk Replacer 450GM

Introducing our 450GM Milk Replacer, specially formulated for puppies and kittens. Our Dry Milk provides essential nutrients for healthy growth and development, offering a convenient solution for nurturing young pets. With a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals, it’s the perfect choice for ensuring your furry companions get the best start in life.


Features & Compatibility

Dry Milk for Puppies & Kittens: Essential Nourishment for Young Pets

Give your young pets the nourishment they need with our Dry Milk for Puppies & Kittens. This milk replacer in a convenient 450GM package provides essential nutrients for their growth and development.

Mimics Mother’s Milk for Optimal Nutrition

Formulated to mimic mother’s milk, our Dry Milk for Puppies & Kittens is a reliable choice for fostering healthy, happy pets from infancy. With carefully selected ingredients, it offers a balanced diet tailored to their needs.

Convenient Packaging for Easy Feeding

Our 450GM package makes feeding your young pets a breeze. Whether you’re caring for puppies or kittens, the convenient size ensures you have an ample supply of nourishment on hand whenever they need it.

Promotes Growth and Development

The nutrients in our milk replacer are specially designed to support the growth and development of young animals. From strong bones to shiny coats, our formula provides everything they need to thrive.

Trusted Choice for Pet Owners

Pet owners can trust our Dry Milk for Puppies & Kittens to provide the nutrition their young pets require. With its high-quality ingredients and reliable performance, it’s the go-to choice for ensuring their pets get off to a healthy start in life.

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