Bioline Catnip Leaves 30 g

Introducing Bioline Catnip Leaves, a 30g pack of 100% natural, ground catnip plant parts. Perfect for enhancing playtime or cuddle sessions, simply sprinkle on your cat’s favorite toys or scratchers to provide hours of entertainment and relaxation. Please note, that this product is not intended for use in animal feed. Treat your feline friend to the pure and irresistible allure of natural catnip with Bioline Catnip Leaves.


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Features & Compatibility

100% Natural Catnip

Bioline Catnip Leaves are made from 100% natural ground catnip plant parts, offering a pure and safe option for your feline friend.

Perfect for Playtime and Cuddling

Sprinkle these catnip leaves on toys, scratching posts, or bedding to encourage playful behavior and cuddling. They are perfect for stimulating your cat’s natural instincts and providing hours of entertainment.

Not for Use on Animal Feed

Please note that Bioline Catnip Leaves are intended for use on objects for playing or cuddling and should not be used in animal feed.

Treat your cat to the natural joy of Bioline Catnip Leaves. This 30g pack of ground catnip plant parts provides a fun and stimulating experience that will keep your feline entertained and happy.

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