Bioline Adult Cat Wet Food Chicken 375 g Canned

Introducing Bioline Adult Cat Wet Food Chicken 375g Canned, a high-protein, comprehensive nutrition option for cats over 6 months old. Made with fresh chicken meat and liver, this formula supports vitality with added vitamin B and iron. It’s crafted to appeal to cats’ taste preferences and is available in Chicken, Beef, Chicken & Vegetables, and Beef & Vegetables flavors. The Chicken & Vegetables variant includes natural fibers for digestion ease. Each can includes essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin E for natural defenses. Feed directly after opening and store at room temperature away from direct sunlight for optimal freshness.


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Features & Compatibility

Product Description

Introducing Bioline Canned Cat Wet Food Chicken 375g, a high-protein, nutritionally comprehensive meal designed for adult cats. Made with fresh chicken meat and liver, this canned food offers a taste that cats love while providing essential vitamins and minerals for their vitality.

High Protein & Comprehensive Nutrition

Bioline Canned Cat Wet Food Chicken 375g is enriched with vitamin B and iron to support overall vitality and health in adult cats.

Made with Fresh Meat for Taste Cats Love

Formulated with frozen chicken meat and chicken liver, Bioline ensures a savory taste that satisfies even the pickiest feline palates.

Available Flavors

Choose from Chicken, Beef, Chicken & Vegetables, or Beef & Vegetables variants to suit your cat’s preferences.

Suitable for Cats Over 6 Months Old

Ideal for adult cats, Bioline Canned Cat Wet Food provides balanced nutrition for cats over 6 months old.

Additive Composition

Includes essential additives such as Sodium chloride, Carrageenan, Light calcium carbonate, and various vitamins and minerals for comprehensive feline nutrition.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude protein: >7%
  • Crude fat: >4%
  • Crude fiber: <2%
  • Crude ash: <3%
  • Moisture: <8%

Instructions for Use

Feed directly after opening. Ensure the product is stored properly to maintain freshness and quality.


  1. Suitable for cats only.
  2. Not suitable for ruminants.
  3. Use promptly after opening; discard if packaging is compromised.


Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and avoid high temperature and humidity environments to preserve product quality.

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