Nunbell Chewing Bone 1pcs

Nunbell Chewing Bone promotes dental health and strong teeth with its calcium-rich composition. Made from natural ingredients, it aids tartar control, freshens breath, and ensures digestibility. Suitable for all breeds, this long-lasting chew keeps pets entertained, preventing boredom and destructive behaviors, without artificial additives.

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Features & Compatibility

Nunbell Chewing Bone 1pcs

Promote Dental Health

Nunbell Chewing Calcium Bones are specifically designed to support dental health in your furry friend. By keeping teeth and gums strong, these bones play a vital role in maintaining overall oral hygiene.

Packed with Calcium

Enriched with calcium, these chewing bones are essential for your pet’s bone development. The natural calcium content helps in building strong and healthy bones, ensuring your pet stays active and robust.

Reduces Tartar and Plaque

Regular chewing of Nunbell Calcium Bones helps in reducing tartar and plaque buildup. This not only keeps your pet’s teeth clean but also prevents dental issues that can arise from poor oral hygiene.

Freshens Breath

One of the added benefits of Nunbell Chewing Calcium Bones is that they help in freshening your pet’s breath. By combating bad breath, these bones ensure your pet’s mouth remains clean and odor-free.

Prevents Destructive Chewing

These chew bones provide a constructive outlet for your pet’s natural chewing instincts. This helps in preventing destructive chewing behavior, keeping your furniture and belongings safe from unwanted damage.

Suitable for All Breeds

Nunbell Chewing Calcium Bones are suitable for all breeds. Whether you have a small puppy or a large adult dog, these bones are an ideal treat that caters to the chewing needs of pets of all sizes.

Long-Lasting Entertainment

These bones offer long-lasting entertainment for your pet, ensuring they stay engaged and happy. The durable nature of the bones makes them a perfect pastime, keeping your pet occupied for extended periods.

Safe and Tasty Treat

Made from natural, digestible ingredients, Nunbell Chewing Calcium Bones are free from artificial additives. This ensures that your pet enjoys a safe and tasty treat, providing peace of mind for pet owners who prioritize their pet’s health and well-being.

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