Nunbell Catnip Ball Toy 3pcs

Introducing Nunbell Catnip Ball Toy 3pcs: Natural, plant-based play balls for your feline friend. Safe and healthy, they’re free from artificial additives and toxins. Perfect for hairball therapy, these edible catnip balls stimulate and calm, alleviating anxiety and boredom while soothing the stomach. Three balls per pack ensure endless entertainment and care.


Features & Compatibility

Introducing Nunbell Catnip Ball Toy 3pcs

Your cat’s natural playmate awaits with the Nunbell Catnip Ball Toy 3pcs. Crafted from premium plant-based materials, these balls offer a safe and healthy play experience for your furry companion. Free from harmful additives, you can trust that your cat is engaging with a product that prioritizes their well-being.

Stimulating and Calming

These catnip balls serve a dual purpose in your cat’s life. Not only do they provide stimulation for play, but they also offer a calming effect. Catnip has been known to ease anxiety and boredom in cats, making these balls an excellent choice for promoting relaxation and well-being.

Hairball Therapy

Say goodbye to pesky hairballs with the Nunbell Catnip Ball Toy 3pcs. As your cat plays with these textured balls, they help to dislodge hair from their stomach, promoting better digestion and reducing the risk of hairball-related issues.

Entertainment in Multiples

With three catnip balls included in each pack, your feline friend will never be short of entertainment. Whether they prefer batting them around solo or engaging in playful interactions with you, these balls ensure that your cat stays entertained and nurtured.

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