Josera Help Urinary Cat Food

Weight 2kg
Brand Josera
Lifestage (Best for) Cats with urinary problems
Made in Germany
Nutritional Option Promotes an acidic urinary pH to reduce the likelihood of struvite stones forming. The recipe also has a reduced magnesium content and a balanced protein and phosphorus content
Protein Balanced protein content


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Features & Compatibility

Tailored for Urinary Tract Health

Josera Help Urinary Cat Food is specifically designed to address and support urinary tract health in cats. This specialized diet helps dissolve struvite stones and prevents their recurrence through a balanced mineral content that promotes optimal urinary function.

Cranberries for Urinary Support

One of the key ingredients in Josera Help Urinary Cat Food is cranberries. Known for their positive effect on the urinary tract, cranberries help prevent infections and maintain a healthy urinary environment. Their natural properties contribute to overall urinary tract wellness, reducing the risk of complications.

Urine Acidification with DL-Methionine

The formula includes DL-methionine, an essential amino acid that helps acidify the urine. Acidic urine is less likely to form stones, which makes DL-methionine a crucial component in preventing the formation of struvite stones. This ensures your cat’s urinary system remains clear and healthy.

Optimal Magnesium Levels

Josera Help Urinary Cat Food maintains a moderate magnesium level to support urinary health. Excess magnesium can lead to the formation of urinary crystals and stones, so this carefully balanced mineral content is essential in promoting a healthy urinary tract.

Comprehensive Nutritional Support

Despite its specialized focus on urinary health, Josera Help Urinary Cat Food provides comprehensive nutrition for your cat. It ensures that all necessary nutrients are included, so your cat enjoys a balanced diet that supports their overall well-being while addressing urinary issues.


Josera Help Urinary Cat Food offers a well-rounded solution for cats with urinary tract issues. Its unique formulation includes cranberries for urinary support, DL-methionine for urine acidification, and optimal magnesium levels to prevent stone formation. By choosing Josera, you can ensure your cat receives the necessary nutrients while promoting urinary tract wellness and preventing future problems.

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