CELEBONE Indoor Cat Food (Iranian Food)

Weight 2.5kg, 10kg
Brand Celebone
Fat 9% of dry matter
Lifestage ( Best For) Kitten/Adult
Nutritional Option Vitamin A (800 IU)
Protein 26%

 5,460 18,200

Features & Compatibility

Introducing CELEBONE Indoor Cat Food

Crafted with the finest Iranian ingredients, CELEBONE Indoor Cat Food is designed to cater to the discerning palate of your feline companion.

Premium Blend for Health and Vitality

Packed with essential nutrients, our premium blend supports your cat’s overall health and vitality, especially in an indoor environment where their nutritional needs may differ.

Indoor cats often have a more sedentary lifestyle compared to their outdoor counterparts, making it crucial to provide them with a diet that meets their specific requirements. CELEBONE Indoor Cat Food is formulated to ensure that your cat receives the necessary nutrients to thrive indoors.

Culinary Excellence of Iran

Treat your beloved pet to a taste of Iran’s culinary excellence with CELEBONE Indoor Cat Food. Each bite is a fusion of carefully selected ingredients, providing a delectable dining experience that mirrors the rich flavors of Iranian cuisine.


With CELEBONE Indoor Cat Food, you can indulge your cat’s senses while providing them with the nutrition they need to lead a healthy and happy life indoors.

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