Bravacto 4.5-10KG (1 Tab in Box)

Introducing Bravecto Chewable Tablets for Dogs, designed for canines weighing 4.5 – 10kg. This innovative treatment swiftly tackles flea and tick infestations, ensuring your furry friend remains protected for up to 12 weeks with just one dose. With its beef-flavored chewable form, administering Bravecto is easy and enjoyable for your pet.


Features & Compatibility

Introducing Bravecto Chewable Tablets for Dogs 4.5 – 10kg

Say goodbye to flea and tick worries with Bravecto Chewable Tablets for Dogs weighing 4.5 – 10kg. This innovative solution offers effective and long-lasting protection against these pesky parasites.

Long-lasting Protection

Bravecto’s advanced formula, containing fluralaner, provides up to 12 weeks of protection with just one dose. No more monthly treatments or worries about missed doses. With Bravecto, your furry companion can enjoy uninterrupted freedom from fleas and ticks.

Comprehensive Protection

Not only does Bravecto target fleas and ticks, but it also addresses demodicosis and sarcoptic mange. This comprehensive protection ensures your dog stays healthy and happy, free from the discomfort and health risks associated with these conditions.

Convenient and Reliable

Forget about messy topical treatments or difficult-to-administer pills. Bravecto Chewable Tablets are easy to give to your dog and are highly palatable, making dosing a breeze. Just one chew, and your dog is protected for up to three months.

Trusted by Veterinarians

Bravecto is recommended by veterinarians worldwide for its efficacy and convenience. Join the millions of pet owners who trust Bravecto to keep their dogs protected from fleas, ticks, and mange.

Keep Your Dog Protected

Don’t let fleas, ticks, or mange disrupt your dog’s happiness and well-being. Choose Bravecto Chewable Tablets for Dogs 4.5 – 10kg for long-lasting, comprehensive protection against these common parasites.

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