Bioline Pets Anti Parasite Spot On 2.5 ml x 4

Bioline Pets Anti Parasite Spot On in 2.5 ml doses offers enhanced protection against a wide range of parasites. Each dose provides long-lasting defense, keeping your pet healthy and comfortable. With four doses per pack, it’s convenient for continuous parasite prevention.


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Features & Compatibility

Enhanced Parasite Protection

Bioline Pets Anti Parasite Spot On 2.5 ml x 4 offers enhanced protection against a broader range of parasites compared to the 1.5 ml version. This spot-on treatment is designed to effectively safeguard your pet from fleas, ticks, and a variety of other parasites.

Long-Lasting Protection

Each 2.5 ml dose provides long-lasting protection, ensuring your pet stays healthy and comfortable for an extended period. This feature makes it ideal for continuous parasite prevention and control.

Convenient Pack Size

The pack contains four doses, providing a convenient supply for ongoing parasite prevention. This ensures that you can maintain regular application and effectively protect your pet against infestations.

Safe and Reliable Formula

Like its 1.5 ml counterpart, the formula is safe for pets and works by killing and repelling parasites before they can infest your pet’s coat. This proactive approach helps keep your pet parasite-free without compromising their health or safety.

Easy Application

Similar to the 1.5 ml version, the spot-on treatment is easy to apply, allowing for quick and hassle-free administration. Apply the specified amount directly onto your pet’s skin as directed, ensuring thorough coverage and effectiveness.

Comprehensive Parasite Control

Bioline Pets Anti Parasite Spot On 2.5 ml x 4 provides comprehensive control against a broad spectrum of parasites, ensuring thorough protection for your pet. It offers peace of mind by preventing external parasites that can cause discomfort and health issues.

Ensures Pet Health and Comfort

With its enhanced protection and long-lasting effects, this spot-on treatment ensures your pet’s health and comfort by effectively preventing parasite infestations. Regular use helps maintain a parasite-free environment, promoting your pet’s overall well-being.

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