Bioline Dog Groomer’s Choice Ear Powder 30 g

Introducing Bioline Groomer’s Choice Ear Powder, formulated to maintain cleanliness and dryness in your dog’s ears. This 30 g powder effectively absorbs excess moisture, reducing the risk of infections and odors. It also facilitates ear cleaning by enhancing grip during hair plucking, essential for optimal ear health. Regular use of Bioline Ear Powder helps ensure your dog’s ears stay healthy and comfortable, promoting overall well-being.


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Features & Compatibility

Specially Formulated Ear Care

Introducing Bioline Groomer’s Choice Ear Powder, specially formulated to keep your dog’s ears clean and dry. This gentle powder is designed to effectively manage moisture levels in your dog’s ears, helping to prevent infections and reduce unpleasant odors.

Moisture Removal and Odor Control

This 30 g powder effectively removes excess moisture from your dog’s ears, ensuring they stay dry and comfortable. By controlling moisture, it also helps reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal infections that can cause discomfort and odor.

Improved Grip for Hair Plucking

Bioline Ear Powder aids in ear cleaning by improving grip during hair plucking, essential for maintaining ear health. This feature makes grooming sessions easier and more effective, ensuring thorough cleaning without discomfort for your pet.

Ensures Long-Term Ear Health

Regular use of Bioline Ear Powder is key to maintaining your dog’s ear health. By keeping the ears clean and dry, it helps prevent common ear issues and promotes overall ear hygiene and comfort.

Easy Application and Use

The powder is easy to apply, making ear care a simple and straightforward part of your grooming routine. Its fine texture allows for smooth application and effective distribution within the ear canal.

Gentle and Safe Formulation

Formulated with your dog’s safety in mind, Bioline Ear Powder is gentle on their delicate ears. It is designed to provide effective cleaning and moisture control without causing irritation or discomfort.

Promotes Comfortable Ear Hygiene

By preventing excess moisture and enhancing cleanliness, Bioline Ear Powder contributes to your dog’s comfort and well-being. It helps maintain fresh-smelling ears and reduces the likelihood of ear-related issues, ensuring your pet remains happy and healthy.

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